I am a filmmaker, freelance photographer/cinematographer and video editor. I got my BFA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado. My work has been featured in several publications, including BBC, USA Today, The Daily Camera, Boulder Weekly, Denver Post and exhibited nationally at several galleries, including the Denver Art Museum. I exceeded my Kickstarter goal to fund Evil Cheesey Rides Again, and Pfumbi, and won a grant from Tongal/Spitfire Productions. I hold dual citizenship with the UK and USA, can speak some French, have experience as a researcher and consultant, can freestyle/improvise well in sticky situations and will outtalk anyone on the subject of Cinema. 

I am available for hire. 

(703) 501-5854                             chris@oortcloud9.com


We saw things before we could pronounce them with crushed berries on cave walls or with words. Those were the first stories: what we saw.

Each semi-conscious being the center of everything...their own narrator, protagonist and audience. They played back what they saw, thought about it, dreamt about it...consciousness formed around what they saw, and out of that came a yearning to articulate and connect with others.