"Reverend Friendly's Trip to the Zoo" (conceived, shot, edited, sound designed and ultimately, when my hard drive crashed, lost the completed version of this...final student film):

"Pinealappleorange" (shot, constructed and edited) - song by Diamondstein:

"Signatures" (shot, edited, conceived in 48 hours):

"Another Life" (conceived, edited, sound designed):

"Portrait" (class project where we shot footage of everyone in the class...each student had the same footage to work with, and this is what I edited):

"4th Murder Story" (shot):

"Shot Reel" (film shot and edited):

"Shot Reel" (video shot and edited):

"Winesburg, Boulder" (another class project...this is how I edited the footage):

"Jen" (I edited this footage my dad shot of my sister):

"Conversation with Pam Grier" (edited):

"firmament" (sound design):